Hario v60 Scale and Drip Timer

Simultaneously measure weight and extraction time with the Hario v60 Scale and Timer. Displays accurate weight to the tenth of a gram. Weighing platform and main body is black ABS resin. Size 140x190x28.5mm

Display shows timer (max 99:59) on the left side and weight on right side (min. 2g, max 2000g. Increments display: 2-200g:0.1g, 200-500g:0.5g, 500-2000g:1g). Please note: only meaures in grams, does not convert to ounces.

Hario Acrylic Stand sold separately. Other accessories in photos are for size comparison, also sold separately.

  • Case Quantities: 20
Hario v60 Scale and Timer
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  • Item #: VST-2000
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