Coffee with Tim Wendelboe

The moment I saw Tim's book at his Oslo cafe, I knew that I would want to own a copy.  This is the first book I have seen that is geared towards the consumer, as well as the coffee afficianado, and successfully combines beautiful photographs with current and accurate coffee information and opinions.  Tim covers everything from his theories on selecting, roasting & brewing the best coffees, to step-by-step brewing methods, and what to look for when choosing great coffee - always bringing it back to cup quality and your own personal preference.  He dispels several common "coffee myths," discusses direct trade and fair trade, and includes a few delicious recipes for pastries and alchoholic coffee concoctions. English edition.

- Brent Fortune

Crema Coffee + Bakery
Good Food Awards
World Barista Championship

Read interview with Tim on New York Times Style Magazine coffee blog!

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Coffee with Tim Wendelboe
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