Electric Buono Kettle

The long awaited Electric Buono has arrived!!!

This kettle is the same as the original Buono in it's beautiful design but it heats water to a boil and has an automatic shut off.  The kettle holds 1000 ml but the max capacity for safe heating is 800 ml.



1. Easy to operate. One flip of the switch to boil water.

2. “Automatic Power Off” feature automatically switches the Kettle off when water is boiled.

3. “Boil-dryProtection”featureautomaticallycutsoffpower in the event of accidentally turning on an empty kettle.

4. Cord-less kettle can be detached from any angle, 360° all around. Easy to carry and pour.

5. Power cord may be stored under the bottom of power plate.

We have a limited supply.  Please email us if we are out and you would like to back order this item.



  • Case Quantities: 6
Electric Buono Kettle
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  • Item #: VKB-120HSV-E
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