About Us

Our mission is simple: to develop the market for Hario products in North America with a focus on coffee related products. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog and buy with confidence.




Hario Glass was founded in 1921 and is known to be one of the greenest glass manufacturers in the world. Hario does not use any lead in their glass and is proud to be a pioneer in minimizing their carbon footprint as developer of Japan's first "direct-current-passage glass-melting furnace". This makes for a pollution free plant that is emitting neither CO2 nor dioxins. This is one of the few glass plants of this size in the world that has NO smoke stacks exiting the building.

What makes Hario Glass distinctive or better than other "heat-resistant glass"?

First of all a heat resistant glass is any glass that can go back and forth from high to low temperatures quickly with out damage. With this as a base HARIO set out to improve upon this by both creating a product that can go to further extremes and do so quicker with out breaking. This has placed Hario as a global leader as the first to produce such a hard glass now known as "HARIO 32". Its chemical hardness and heat resistance far exceed the JIS hardness standard, so it is the most appropriate product for physical and chemical experiments, valued highly as world's best hard glass.